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Unsure of how to help your child with their self-esteem and confidence? Don't know where to start? Have you tried others and become overwhelmed with resources and information?


 Unlock a World of Learning and wellbeing for your child!

Embark on a journey of discovery and growth alongside your child. Teeno & Co believes in nurturing every aspect of your child's wellbeing development, from their creativity to their emotional intelligence!

The most EFFECTIVE way to help a child's social and emotional development is through SIMPLICITY and CONSISTENCY.

  ADVENTURE ISLAND MEMBERSHIP, offers this. Receive  consistent monthly colourful stories and activities to teach your child emotional intelligence and resilience in fun, simple and engaging ways.

Teeno and Co's Adventure Island Membership of activities and classes will cover wellbeing topics such as; Positive thinking, Gratitude, Physical health, Healthy eating, Managing Emotions, Connections and social, Creativity, Relaxation techniques, Mindfulness, nature connection and much more.. but from a more expansive perspective.

Do you want your child to learn about how powerful they really are while learning ways to shrink anxiety, handle big emotions and ways to speak up for themselves? Would you love them to learn and practice simple wellbeing techniques and rekindle their inner power on a consistent basis? 


1. Online wellbeing adventure:


These therapeutic wellbeing sessions include; Meditation Stories, Relax moments, Musical journal moments, Using Affirmations, Move/stretch, and being creative!

2. Wellbeing Adventure Booklet (pdf):

Containing the 'Story comic' of the month and fun activities and puzzles to Spark your child's imagination, curiosity and reinforce learning. Your child will love their monthly Adventure booklets. With fun and educational activities which promoteself-esteem and confidence, these  booklets are crafted to inspire creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills in your child! As well as cultivate an enjoyment of reading! These are the skills of confident happy people.

3. Extra Benefits

Access unlimited children's downloadable activities. Join a special parent community. Enjoy monthly parent wellbeing classes, training and activities too!


CHILD CENTERED ACTIVITIES: Designed and created with the child at the heart and by carefully considering the many learning styles they each have. It will be further developed and shaped according to the wants and needs of its community.

 CONVENIENT: With our monthly subscription model, you'll have access to a wealth of resources right at your fingertips for amazing value and you can cancel any time.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Join a community of like-minded parents who are committed to practically supporting their child's wellbeing.

READY TO GET STARTED? Sign up to join the waiting list to be notified when we launch in APRIL and give your child the gift of learning, growth, and wellbeing! 

With Adventure Island the possibilities are endless!

Unlock a Brighter Future for Your Child.

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Officially launching in April!
30 day free trial! 
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