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What is Teeno and Co's Mission?

Kids with Capes

To help parents 'Rocket Boost' their young children with self-esteem by making it simple and accessible.



Because 85% of the world's population suffers from low self-esteem which they all developed during childhood years.

It is Teeno and Co's long term vision to put a big massive dent in that ridiculous statistic!

How will T&C achieve this?

 Teeno and Co started off as weekly wellbeing classes in nurseries. It is steadily growing into Storytelling videos, published books, wellbeing products and programs!

   Ways you can support Teeno and Co's mission!


£1 from every 'Self-esteem adventure box' sold will go towards 2 main projects Teeno and Co are excited to be starting soon!

1. Helping early years setting to create a culture of wellbeing within thier settings by providing free wellbeing ideas, inspiration and resources to them.

2. Providing self-esteem resources to young children in Jamaica. Putting together packs to give out to children in basic schools.
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