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Welcome to Teeno & Co!
Building your child's Confidence can be challenging, T&C makes it quicker and easier for you to help your child to feel good  about themselves!

Happy Circle

Try before you buy. In this mini coaching call you will get to discuss your child's self-esteem needs, the options available for you to help them and take away a plan of action.

A 4-week self-esteem program for parent and child including 4 1-1 coaching sessions, colorful action journal booklet and simple self-esteem tools. Personalised action plans. No risk money back garauntee.

This personalised  interactive box contains activity book,, feel good products and affirmation cards, so your child can build their self-esteem at their own pace. Contains easy to follow instructions..

This interactive box contains Infinite Confidence and feeling Good book, feel good products and affirmation cards, so you  can build your self-esteem at your own pace. Contains easy to follow instructions..

Affirmations are most effective when you are not paying attention to them. So wearing them  is a powerful way to way to make them effective. Check out my separate clothing store for unique T&C affirmation wear!

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FREE Email service. Email your self-esteem concerns for your child and receive a 3 point action plan and tools to start using straight away. Emails will be kept confidential. Get your questions in quick as I will close this service every now and again in order to catch up

Sophia McGhie founder of Teeno & Co
Do you believe it's possible for your child to wake up each morning feeling good about themselves and the day ahead?

Do you believe it's possible for your child to gain the skills of resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem?

Do you believe it's possible for you to learn how to help build your child's's self-esteem with new habits and attitudes within 4-weeks?

Well, I do and whether you believe it or not you will always be right!

The reason being, WE control our reality with our thoughts and beliefs, no ifs no buts, it is a fact.

Another thing I know is that every child has self-confidence deep within them, they just need more opportunities to bring it out.

Hi my name is Sophia McGhie the founder of Teeno and Co, aiming to empower children with INFINITE CONFIDENCE annnd FEELING GOOD VIBES in an anbundance of ways!

Life flows where our minds go and thank goodness it only takes simple little adjustments in our habits and attitudes to steer our life towards bigger and better confidence, feelings and experiences!

They may be small but these little changes hold the power to making 
MAGICAL & MASSIVE impact on our quality of life!
Check out Teeno and Co's products and services there is something for all needs and budgets:

Wellbeing Classes, Self-esteem Programs, Storytelling, Books, Clothing Activity Journals, Training, Workshops, and Coaching 
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