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Hi my name is Sophia McGhie and I help Parents to teach their children
self-confidence skills!

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FREE 3 DAY LIVE PARENT WORKSHOP! Starting Monday 18th October!

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In these three days I will show you how to  build a growth mindset in yourself and your child.

Creating a positive mind-set in children means their experience of the world will be more positive. Challenges will come along but they will  view them as opportunities to learn rather than a reason to give up.

Here are
2 powerful ways to teach your child self-love! 

1. Encourage self-praise!
If a child shows you something they have accomplished praise their efforts then add a 'self praise suggestion' "I think that's a really great picture, Jabari. Do you think it's great too?" You are teaching them their thoughts and feelings count too.

2. Teach them positive affirmations!
'Affirmations are words we say/think to ourselves which echo throughout our lives.' I feel a great one is 'I LOVE BEING ME' found in our kids self-esteem adventure program. Positive words, if used correctly, will speak more louder than someone elses opinion.

For more information on children's self-esteem check out my blogs page
In this fun interactive experience, I will also teach you the attitudes and behaviours which will grow your super confident child!