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Feedback from mums on children's in-person wellbeing sessions!
"My shy son loves these classes! I enjoy watching his mindful journey grow!""
-Mum of 2
"Exceeded our expectations! After the first session my children were asking me if we could go back everyday!"
-Mum of 5
"My son calls it the happy Class!""
-Mum of 4
About the founder of Teeno & Co

Hi my name is Sophia McGhie, I am a mother to a super 7 year old boy and I would like nothing more than for him to grow up feeling good and confident about himself.

I also want this for all children. Unfortunately the children growing up today have a lot more on their plate than about two generations ago.


They are worrying about and experienceing things no child should have to. Their childhoods are being cut short within a society that seems to value academic achievement over wellbeing.

I am here to make some kind of difference in my own unique way. I have created a an imaginary Island (Esteem Island) with colourful characters, stories and fun activities to not only ignite children's imagination and creativity but to also instil in them Resilience, self-love, self-confidence and positive social skills and so much more.

I started Teeno and Co back in 2019 (Formerly Esteem Adventures) where I have been delivering these wellbeing classes to Early Years Settings around Streatham, Stockwell, Thornton heath and Norbury. 

I hope to make these wellbeing activities accessible to millions of children around the world.

I invite you to see how you can use Teeno and Co to bring more wellbeing amongst the children around you.

Positive Regards

Sophia x

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